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Yellow’s portfolio was traditionally focused on provided safety critical, remote field services to the UK passenger market. The portfolio today reflects a company that has constantly invested in providing a wider range of services and most importantly, introducing innovative products and services that address the challenges of our passenger and freight clients..

Bogie Overhaul Services

Yellow Rail provides complete bogie overhaul services at its Bogie Overhaul centre in Pride Park, Derby. Our services include material supply, logistics, engineering, documentation, overhaul and inspection. The company has registered for RISAS accreditation with expectation of completion early 2020.

Bogie Material Supply Services

Services include:


Supply Chain

  • Dedicated UK-based supply chain Manager
  • Local supply chain, materials and inventory management
  • Stock control management
  • Material stock holding for next day delivery from the Yellow Rail material service centre in Derby
  • Material planning services
  • Material Inspection
  • Material Documentation
  • Management KPI’s for quality, warranty, non-conformance and delivery
  • Attendance at performance/project review meetings
  • 12 months materials warranty
  • Supplier approval


  • Local Engineering support (office and site)
  • Materials Engineering support and advice helpline
  • Re-engineering services
  • Product innovation
  • Material enhancement
  • Prototype validation (as required)


  • Tailored support services (to be agreed on an as required basis)
  • Management of transportation and associated co‐ordination of delivery of the materials to and from the Yellow Rail material service centre in Derby

RaiLatheTH Products

Yellow Rail’s RaiLatheTM product portfolio comprises a complete wheel lathe system (WLS) for deployment at the depot or maintenance facility. An innovative and highly adaptable wheel lathe solution developed specifically to meet the varied requirements of the Rail sector. Offering unrivalled application options from mobile field deployment, mobile site deployment, semi static depot deployment and fixed static depot deployment. Suitable for a range of wheels including locomotive and wagon wheels, this extremely accurate CNC lathe can store a range of profiles to suit fleet needs. Comprising a portfolio of products and services that can be tailored to suit the needs of operators, maintainers, wagon owners and field service providers


The new RaiLaser is a High accuracy, high repeatability non-contact wheelset measuring solution developed by Yellow Rail as part of the mobile wheel re-profiling service. The system provides accurate and repeatable wheelset data both pre and post turning and can be deployed in the field or depot-based locations, to suit operational needs.

RaiLatheTH Services

The UK Rail sector’s First Mobile CNC Wheel turning service, Yellow Rail’s Mobile Wheel Reprofiling Service (MWRS) revolutionises wheel turning in the rail sector, with specialist mobile teams and equipment able to deploy nationwide across the network, to suit our customer requirements.

Rolling Stock Field Services

Yellow Rail has been delivering rolling stock field services to the passenger sector since 2007. Our services have been delivered to more than 60 different classes of passenger, freight and Network Rail vehicles at over 60 different depots and maintenance sites across the UK.


Our wide range of services include on-board system integration, engineering, full turnkey, train and technical modifications, train refurbishments, train overhaul, impact repairs, heavy classified repairs eg: C4, C6, C8, maintenance exams, fully managed installation, managed resource provision, reliability enhancement, train inspections, material sourcing and supply, mobile depot support and tailored site services.

Bespoke Niche Technologies

Yellow Rail’s sister company Yellow Solutions has been created to design and develop niche technologies for the freight and passenger markets. Developments to date include the wheel lathe system drive and RaiLaser, with further new products in development for release early in 2020.


Our niche products are tailored to specific challenges currently faced by our freight and passenger clients and are often developed in partnership.

Specialist Welding Services

This is a new service being offered to the Rail sector by Yellow Rail and includes the provision of on-site welding services to the industry. This includes consultancy, engineering and welding services.

Our on-site services include repair, modification and testing. All Welding is fully qualified to EN standards and NDT carried out to RIS 2701 RST providing clients with the industry requirement of traceability back to compliance with National and International Standards.

Re-Engineering Services

Yellow Rail’s engineering capability has grown considerably in recent years and services such as re-engineering have become part of our standard portfolio of services to the freight sector. The service is tailored to each particular requirement and includes design, engineering, prototype development approval, manufacture (3rd party) and introduction.

Obsolescence Management

A new addition to the Yellow Rail portfolio designed specifically to counter the threat of obsolescence that exists in aging assets across the UK. Our engineering know-how and sourcing capability are ideally suited to the provision of a tailored proactive and reactive obsolescence management service.

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