Alstom Remote Condition Monitoring, Wi-FI, Traction Control, OTMR

Scope: Class 456 & 466 Networker EMU’s

Customer: Alstom

The fleets included:

Class 465 – 200 vehicles: 465/9 – 34 x 4 cars, 465/2 – 16 x 4 cars

Class 466 – 86 vehicles: 466 – 43 x 2 cars 

Yellow Rail provided managed installation and logistics for the Remote Condition Monitoring project.  This was an intrusive modification and involved work within the traction case (including the traction electronics), the brake frame, auxiliary under-frame cabinets and interface with the OTMR. 

Work scope summary

  • Parallel loom fitted to OTMR and signal sent to DAU 
  • OTMR Interfacing
  • Parallel loom fitted to traction rack monitoring firing panel signals 
  • Pressure transducers fitted to Main reservoir piping
  • Pressure transducers fitted to brake cylinder pressure gauge
  • VMD fitted to fuse and link box to monitor CMD signals
  • VMD fitted to monitor Group Isolation Switches
  • Pressure transducers fitted to monitor GIS switch operation
  • 3 DAU fitted for collation of signals
  • CCU for transmission
  • Various modifications to relays for additional signals routed via u/frame conduit to 
  • Installation of new underframe conduits and cabling
  • Installation of communications module
  • Installation and programming of new CMD’s, VMD’s, Pressure     Transducers, Switches and Relays
  • Full modification and testing (OTMR, data links and train to shore)
  • Fitness to run unit testing


The project timeframe was extremely aggressive and in order to ensure the timescales were met, the Yellow Rail team were deployed on a 24 hours / 7 days a week rota 3 x shift pattern basis. The team of 34 experienced artisans included mechanical fitters, electricians, team leaders, senior team leaders, site manager and senior site management.

Yellow Rail identified, and competency assessed additional artisans, throughout the project, so that a constant pool of stand-by contingent labour was available to guarantee the required level of resource was available at all times. Yellow Rail supported the ongoing production planning to ensure we were aware of any issues / work fluctuations as soon as possible to ensure proactive management of potential issues.

Staff retention bonuses were introduced and all artisans were given detailed assignment notifications before deployment so that they were fully aware of the project scope and requirements. Yellow Rail allocated a dedicated project co-ordinator to act as the main communication point for all team members, to ensure they were able to discuss any concerns or request any assistance they may need at any time, to assist with team retention. 

Success and performance was measured by:

  • Programme 
  • Staff performance
  • Staff attendance
  • Staff retention


“Yellow Rail has delivered this complex and safety critical modification project very professionally and to the standards demanded by ALSTOM. The programme experienced several challenges as expected at the operational depot, but Yellow Rail demonstrated a high level of flexibility and focus, continuing to deliver units on a unit per day basis. We intend using Yellow Rail for other projects of this nature in the future.”

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