Stagecoach Southwestern Trains - GSM-R

Stage Coach

I can confirm that Stagecoach Southwestern Trains Limited (SSWT) have been provided with a thoroughly professional GSM-R installation service from Yellow Rail.  

The service provided included all aspects necessary, to move from the invitation to tender stage and contract award  through to final go-live installation.  This entailed the following examples of services provided:


  • Development of a project delivery strategy, unique to the project,
  • Development of a risk register related to the service,
  • Development of a site hazard log related to the service,
  • Completion of method statements related to the service,
  • Identification of the project team, including key individuals,.
  • Development of a project action plan,
  • Development of an Engineering Control and Document Control log,
  • Identification of KPI related to the project. etc


The processes and procedures that are in-built into the Yellow rail service provision offer, allowed the installation to be completed in-line with the time-scales and costs identified by SSWT.

Kevin Griffin, Head of Fleet Contracts, South West Trains