Southern Rail

Following the success of the project, Yellow Rail secured a further contract to provide fully managed installation services for the fleet.

This project included full installation of a new passenger information system and various modifications including VMD and parking brakes. The installation project was successfully delivered over a 24 week period by Yellow Rail at the Selhurst Train Care Depot in London. Yellow Rail worked closely with Southern Rail throughout the project with Southern Rail's conclusion on the project as follows:

“Yellow Rail has delivered the installation of the Class 456 PIS project within budget, 100% on-time and with zero variations. Just as important to Southern are the few occasions when project challenges occurred, it was good to know that the support was there from Yellow Rail and that they could be relied upon as an integral part of the project team to overcome these challenges." This collaborative approach helped to ensure a very successful project was delivered”

Gordon Innes CEng, Southern Rail Fleet Engineer, Selhurst Train Care Depot, London